5115 S. US HWY 281 Suite I Edinburg TX 78539  (956) 783-9997
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A Helping Hand AHEAD offers:
DWI Education (12 hours),
Drug Offender Education (15 hours)
DWI Intervention (32 hours) approved by the State of Texas.

a helping hand ahead

Criminal Justice Offender Education

 5115 S. Bus 281 Suite i

Edinburg TX 78539

(956) 783-9997 or 239-3778



Our company’s mission is to help individuals with any alcohol/drug problem or other criminal behavior. We offer the 30 hour DWI Intervention (ROP) program, the 12 hour DWI Education and the 15 hour Drug Offender programs. We are currently offering the theft offender program for misdemeanor and felony offenses, anger management, and life skills. We are offer quality services to improve behavior. We follow the 12 step program for alcoholics and addicts. We are self-supported by client’s payment. We receive no outside help from any other non-profit or private agencies. We are accessible to Expressway 281 and within McAllen, Pharr and Edinburg area.

We are licensed by the Department of State Health Services, Substance Abuse Offender Programs. All clients will receive an assessment prior to class attendance. Upon completion of class, clients receive a Certificate of Completion and Exit Interview by our consultant, Dr. Chuck Reid.

DWI Intervention       (30 hours)                               $250.00   15 sessions

DWI Education           (12 hours)                               $65.00     3 sessions

Drug Offender            (15 hours)                               $75.00     5 sessions

Anger Management   (20 hours)                               $200.00   10 sessions

Theft Offender           (8 hours)                                 $60.00     2 sessions

Life Skills                   (20 hours)                               $200.00   10 sessions

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